How to use your Braid Flower

Select 7 stands of yarn one and a half times the length of your desired braid. Lay end-to-end and tie a knot at one end. Place the knotted end into the central hole of your flower, just enough so you can begin to insert the strands of yarn into seven of the eight slits. Hold your flower with the empty slit facing up, or north. If you're making a long braid, wrap your strands around your bobbins before beginning. You now have your Braid Flower ready to begin braiding!

1.) Moving counterclockwise from the empty slit (do not move your braid flower just yet), pick up the third strand of yarn, and place it into the empty slit. 2.) Rotate your braid flower to the right, or clockwise, so you again have the empty slit facing north, or upward. Repeat these two steps. Tip: while making your braid, be sure to maintain a good tension within the braid by keeping the yarn pulled taut within the wooden slits. Giving the braid a little tug every now and then helps, too.

Happy Braiding!