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Hand-dyed Mohair Shawl - Hand-spun

Hand-dyed Mohair Shawl - Hand-spun

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This is a stunning knit shawl! Knit up using 100% kid mohair, hand spun, hand dyed yarn. The kid mohair roving was dyed in a tray, and the pigment poured over the fiber, as not to mix the colors completely. This produced a lovely roving for spinning that has what I consider a "stained glass" look. Kid mohair is a very soft, and very warm, luxurious fiber. The colors are bright and cheery and will add a ray of light to those long, drab, winter days. I purchased the kid mohair from a local Ohio farmer who tends her flock with love and care.

The dyes we use are free of heavy metals.

Measures 46" x 20"

*please note that the model for this shawl is very petite, so it may appear larger in the photo than it actually is.


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