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Craftsman Wavy Stick Shuttle - Solid Wood Pattern Shuttle

Craftsman Wavy Stick Shuttle - Solid Wood Pattern Shuttle

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Our wavy shuttles are made from local Ohio hardwoods that we harvest in a sustainable manner, mill, and process on our family farm in southeastern Ohio. No glues or plywood are used in the making of our wave shuttles. Each one is coated in an all-natural finish, made to order, and carefully crafted for you. They are sanded to a silky smooth finish to glide smoothly through your warp, and bring out the natural beauty of the wood. The waves in these shuttles add a unique and fun touch to your weaving. Each has two different undulations, one side with long shallow waves, and the other with deeper, closer waves.

We offer the extra long wavy shuttles in 16", 18", 20", 24", 28", 30", 32", & 34" lengths, with a total width of 2". 

When weaving with your wavy shuttle, it's good to use a dense or "sticky" warp. This will insure that your weft fibers stay in place during wear and washing. Filling in the voids, as pictured, will also add to the character of your weaving and help hold the wavy weft fibers in place when a finer weaving is desired.

We are currently making our wavy shuttles from quarter sawn cherry. Quarter sawn wood has beautiful grain characteristics and provides extra strength to each shuttle.


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